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'A Family Team with Family Values'

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Have cared for over

60,000 people


1 Million Hours

of care each year

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every day across Ireland

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Domiciliary Care is provided to people who still live in their own homes but who require additional support with household tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Care in the home:
To remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home is the wish of most people when infirmities of age of difficulties arise from illness, accident or lifestyle choices.


Whilst we cannot replace the love and support of family members, we are here to provide helpful and necessary services, which reduce the difficult and often stressful aspects of family care giving. This will ensure loved ones remain cared for within the home.  We provide care in the home for certain people and people with certain needs.

We provide care in the home for certain people and for people with certain needs:

1. Older Generation
2. New mothers
3. Post Operations
4. Children
5. Palliative Care
6. Physical & Learning Disabilities
7. Dementia & Mental Health Needs

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We are committed to working with organisations such as Dementia Services Development Centre NI to ensure we are providing the best care possible with staff trained specifically in Dementia Care.  People with Dementia have the same rights as everyone else to make decisions about how they live their lives and we are continually striving to assist in best practice through information sharing and awareness raising.

We are committed to training and have two specialist Dementia Care Trainers within Homecare and their role is to train all new and existing staff.

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Day Sitting:
This service requires the Care Assistant to spend a number of hours with the Client.  It is often used to give family members or the daily carer, a break. Both Practical Support and Personal Care tasks can be carried out during this time, suitable to the clients needs.

Night Sitting
This service is staying with our Client for the whole night, supervising the client throughout the night. Tasks will depend on Client needs, whether it be practical or personal care.

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Personal Care tasks are completed by competent and trained carers and include:

- Bathing, feeding, toileting                                               

- Continence Management                                                 

- Washing, including personal hygiene                           

- Assisting in and out of bed

- Assisting with dressing & undressing                             

- Special diet and meal preparation

- Supervision of medication                                               

- Assistance with mobility, transfer & positioning                                  

Practical support includes tasks such as:

- Household cleaning                           

- Reading & recreation activities                                                          - Collecting pensions & Financial management

- Help with eating & assist with walking                                           

- Bed Making                                           

- Monitoring diet & eating

- Meal planning & Shopping                                              

- Laundry                                                 

Preparing & lighting fires

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Mobile Night:
To provide nightly domiciliary based care primarily to older people and their families and carers who, because of their assessed needs, have been identified as requiring a degree of personal care, social and practical support ( this may include security checks, cup of tea, ensuring our clients are well and in bed for the night) The aim of the service include the following:


To maximise the clients potential to remain in the community.


To provide support to carers, as required.


To provide support to complement other services as appropriate.


To provide a service that will focus on personal, social and emotional care, in order to maintain individuals in their own home. 

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Private Care:
Homecare can assist you when it comes to seeking private care for your loved one. We can provide additional care to your existing care package as stipulated by your social worker or public health nurse. We can of course provide direct private care of which we will be happy to discuss your requirements, agree the care plan and explain payment arrangements offering you the facility of paying by direct debit. All of this will be carried out by one of our management team at a time and venue suitable to you.

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Hospital Discharge:
Service is offered, following professional assessment, for a time limited period to individuals who require personal, social and or / domestic care on a domiciliary basis, in order to offer a level of support which will promote independence and those with dementia of any age to enable them to be cared for in their own homes. Service users will include:

  • ​Those being discharged from hospital

  • Where capacity allows those to be maintained in their own home

The purpose of the scheme is to provide a timely service to those aged over 65 years and those with dementia of any age to enable them to be cared for in their own homes and to provide packages of care that will focus on personal care, domestic tasks and re-enablement. Other aims include the following:

   1. To maximise the clients potential to remain in the community

   2. To offer flexible care packages, taking client / carers wishes into account

   3. To target services at those in greatest need of re-enablement

   4. To provide support to carers, as required

   5. To provide support to complement other services as appropriate

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This is usually care for a short period of time, or extra care over a period of time, giving rest and relief for family members who are assisting with the care of their loved ones.

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