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Tarasis Enterprises Founder hailed for her innovation & commitment to Health, Housing and Social Care

Winning the highly coveted overall award of the day - Mairead Mackle, founder of Tarasis Enterprises has been announced as the NatWest EveryWoman, Woman of the Year award at the 17th award’s ceremony held recently in the Grosvenor Hotel, London.

Mairead is CEO and Founder of Tarasis Enterprises, a suite of complementary businesses encompassing housing, care, training and renewable energies including Homecare Independent Living celebrating almost 25 years as a leading domiciliary care & housing provider, Fabraco – a modular space & housing solution, volunteer-led charity iCare and Community Interest Group Evolve. 

Before she was announced as the winner, the NatWest EveryWoman team took to the stage to say a few words about Mairead.  “This award is all about one woman who really breaks down barriers.  She has dedicated her energy to working in one of our most challenging industries and is transforming it by creating effective, solutions.   The woman behind the success is humble & inspirational. She has built a team around her who she trusts implicitly, and who in turn are loyal and dedicated, sharing her values & vision. She is innovative, mobilising technology to service her clients and engage, train and connect her teams.”

Mairead took to the stage to receive her award, recognising and thanking both her family and her team for the critical role they play in the success of Tarasis Enterprises. “We are so lucky to have a dedicated team of men & women who not only share our vision of using our businesses to create a real social impact but who drive this vision forward with purpose, passion and total commitment.”

She added, “Our businesses including HCIL (domiciliary, support services and housing), Fabraco, Evolve and iCare give us the opportunity to connect with people in our communities, to play our part in making a positive difference to their lives and that’s something we as a team are really proud of.  No-one achieves success alone & I am incredibly proud of both our family and our team who all have a part to play in our collective success.”

Now in its 17th year, the NatWest EveryWoman Awards celebrates the UK and Northern Ireland’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs, each recognised for their outstanding achievements.  The awards champion women in enterprise from all walks of life, providing a platform to share their journeys to success.

This year’s winners included women who are transforming and disrupting their respective industries, from art and social enterprises to wellness and beauty - all the winners are role models whose success will encourage future generations of female talent.


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