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Support Services

'A Family Team with Family Values'


Services Users


Helped over






hours of support per year


Low, medium &

intensive support to


service users with

complex needs

Homecare Independent Living (HCIL) Support Services deliver support programmes across the Belfast and Southern Trust areas to prevent Homelessness through tenancy sustainment.

In Belfast the Peripatetic Service provides intensive floating support to 35 individuals (Adults 18+) with high complex needs. In the Southern Trust area, we deliver floating support to 145 individuals (Adults 25yrs +) and families with low to medium needs.


In total we provide 1000 hours of support to 180 individuals/families. Both services operate to capacity and beyond at all times with an active waiting list prioritised by need and availability.

Our vision is: Strong communities served by well managed housing related support services, where all individuals reach their highest potential for independent living.

Five Pillars of Support

HCIL's Support Service's vision mirrors that of the NIHE, Homeless Strategy ' Ending Homelessness Together' 2017-22 and its five strategic objectives with the aim to ensure a cross departmental and interagency approach to ending homelessness

HCIL's primary focus is to assist individuals sustain their tenancies and to prevent homelessness. This will be achieved by ensuring early intervention is implemented to identify all needs and risk factors while working in partnership with external agencies to address the individuals needs and manage risks. HCIL's commitment to working collaboratively with other relevant agencies is at the forefront of our service delivery.  We work alongside all relevant agencies and continue to build professional working relationships with such agencies to help reduce the number of individuals experiencing homelessness

To ensure the right mechanisms are in place to oversee & deliver the strategy



To secure sustainable accommodation & appropriate support solutions 


To further understand & address the complexities of chronic homelessness 



To prioritise

homeless prevention

To measure and monitor existing and emerging need of appropriate services


Pillars of


Services we Offer

Advice on:


Physical Health

Family & Relationships

Managing Money

Training / Education / Employment

Social & Leisure Interests

Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Drug & Alcohol use

Legal Issues

Self-Care & Living Skills

Safety & Security

Cultural & Religion

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