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iCare at Christmas 2020

iCare at Christmas is our dedicated campaign to provide gifts to children, teenagers and adults who are at risk of homelessness or living in temporary accommodation and who, due to their circumstances are often overlooked. 

Its estimated that there are 20,000 people impacted by homelessness across the island of Ireland. Christmas is an especially hard time for them.  We want to make sure as many people as possible wake up with a gift on Christmas Morning.

The campaign is run closely with Homecare Housing and the dedicated Support Services team in Homecare Independent Living (HCIL), who work with vulnerable teenagers, adults, and families daily.

How to get involved: Please support our iCare at Christmas Kindness without limits Campaign 2020

Donate a gift: for male or female and drop it off at one of our offices (suggested age groups male and female 14-18 years and 18+) Please donate gifts unwrapped.

Make a financial contribution: which allows our team to purchase gifts through our donation page

Buy a gift: Our Amazon Wishlist is a contact free service allowing you to choose a present, support our campaign and have a gift delivered straight to our office

Become a Supporter: Join our team to promote the iCare at Christmas campaign. Become a supporter and have your company logo displayed on our website and promoted across our social media platforms. If you would like to get involved, please email

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
16 de jan. de 2023

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