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iCare celebrate Volunteers' Week

This week we celebrate Volunteers' Week . iCare Charity is 100% volunteer led and is completely reliant on local volunteers in order to deliver successful fundraising events & activities. Volunteering is the heartbeat of iCare, without the kindness of over 300 people each year we simply couldn't do what we do.

We would love to have you volunteer with iCare Charity. There's strong evidence to support the theory that giving up some of your time to help charitable causes is a brilliant way to boost your sense of purpose and esteem. And if you're under 21, volunteering with iCare could open employment opportunities, earn you UCAS points and looks awesome on your CV. We also work with Volunteer Now to help our volunteers achieve their Millennial Award. Learn more at

Thank you for all your hardwork and support! #volunteersweek


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