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National Leader in the Provision

of Housing and Care

Tarasis Healthcare (formerly Homecare Independent Living) is a national leader in the provision of care. With our professional team of 1,200 staff and 10 office locations across Ireland, we offer a progressive, holistic approach to health, housing and social care solutions.


iCare at Christmas 2022 Campaign

The cost of living crisis is having significant damaging effects on people all over the world right now. After an already difficult time for many coping with the pandemic in recent years, many are being immensely affected by the soaring prices of basic essentials. As a result this Christmas, iCare, a  volunteer-led charity based in Armagh that is part of The Tarasis Foundation, wants to directly help their local community by helping families most in need of support as a result of the cost of living crisis.

Our Services

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Remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. We are here to provide helpful and necessary services

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In 2010, HCIL established the iCare Charity. iCare improves and changes lives one 'iCare Wish' at a time

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We believe working in the caring industry is a vocation, we strive to be the number one provider of community care/support

"I love caring for people, helping with their needs & making sure they are comfortable and happy in their own home"

—  Care Assistant, Monaghan Area

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